Privacy Policy

In order for you to use services offered by this site, you will need to provide us with NPPI information like:

· Name
· Address
· E-mail address
· Phone number
· Place of employment, employer, duration of time you have worked there
· Information directly relevant to your home and mortgage
· Information relevant to your credit history
· Social Security Number
· Citizenship information
· Driver’s license number
· Bank account or routing number
· Date of birth
· Information related to your debit and/or credit cards

We will use this information as prescribed above to process your requests for financial services and products.

Our company is dedicated to your privacy. Therefore your social security number, driver’s license number, bank accounting and routing number, and debit or credit card numbers, expiration dates and security codes are immediately encrypted.

We DO NOT sell, rent or otherwise share your NPPI to third-parties excepted as explained in this privacy policy and as permitted by law. You will NEVER be asked to provide NPPI in an e-mail by our company. DO NOT ANSWER or FULFILL any e-mail that APPEARS to BE FROM US requesting NPPI.

We reserve the right to disclose your NPPI including your e-mail address without your consent to comply with Federal, State, or local laws and legal requirements and to fulfill judicial requests and processes. We also provide our service providers with such information to confirm the integrity of information collected or to affiliates for accounting purposes.