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Stories of Freedom

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Journey to Truth

What's the meaning of life? Watch these four friends discover together.

Episode 1

Hamoodeh finds love at first sight. The rest of the guys ask an important question: “How do we find forgiveness?” Join us on the Journey to Truth

Episode 2

Abdullah and Ala discuss the why the prophets offered sacrifices. Meanwhile, Hamoodeh is ready to get a mahar together.

Episode 3

When Ala hears where Abdullah has been getting his thoughts, he’s stunned and angry. But AbuMusa and even Hamoodeh are interested. What Abdullah shares amazes all of them.

Episode 4

AbuMusa asks, “My God, how have I not heard this story before?” as the guys discover truths they weren’t aware of. You’ll be asking yourself the same question.

Episode 5

“Only Seydna Christ knew how costly forgiveness would be.” The guys are trying to figure out what’s going on, and getting more honest with each other in the process.

Episode 6

“Impossible. It’s impossible.” Or is it? The guys have almost arrived at their truth about the nature of life and the mercy of God, but they still have some questions.

Episode 7

The journey is completed. They’ve found the truth. They can’t believe what they’re saying- it’s too good to be true.

Episode 8

They found the truth. But now what do they do with it? Ala is like a new person. Hamoodeh has finally found love, but not like he was expecting. How have you changed during the journey?


Episode 7

The journey is completed. They’ve found the truth. They can’t believe what they’re saying- it’s too good to be true.


The Story of the World

What's your story

What’s your story? What’s your dream for life? Why did God create you? Watch this video to discover together things you’ve maybe never thought of before.

What's our biggest problem

What’s our biggest problem? This world is filled with problems. But one of them is the biggest, and the worst. Watch the video to see what it is, and to ask, “What do we do about it?”

No hope

Is there any hope? Will all the pain and corruption in this world ever be fixed? Maybe. Watch the video to find out.

The Messiah

Man has made a great mistake. But God has a plan greater than it. Watch the video to see what his plan is. I can assure you you weren’t expecting it.

Rescue from Sin and Death

We need rescue. We need new hearts. God has done something wonderful to cleanse our hearts and rescue us from perishing. Watch, and rejoice.

God's heart for my community

God’s desire is to change the whole world. He wants to use us to do it. See the final episode to understand how it all fits together.

Live the Story


Have you ever felt shame? Have you ever felt you have no worth? Many of us have, but we never talk aboun it. Watch to hear a story that starts with shame and pain, but ends with joy and hope.


Let me ask you: is it possible to be suffering and at the same time be joyful? Actually, yes, it is. And the secret to how is written in the Injil. Watch to learn what it is and how to attain it.

The Holy Spirit of God

What if you had a power that would make you able to do anything? Let me tell you a secret: you can. I can even tell you how to attain it, and see your life changed completely.

Listening Prayer

What if you could get close to God in a way you’ve never experienced before? We all talk a lot. Maybe we need to listen a little bit more.

Share the Story


We have the best gift. We have the most precious treasure in the world. How do we share it with others? Watch to find out.

Reading the Word

The Torah and the Injil are the Word of God. But why do we read them? How do we read them? Watch the video to find out.