Grace is yours
Peace is yours

Grace is yours

Share the Story


We have the best gift. We have the most precious treasure in the world. How do we share it with others? Watch to find out.

Reading the Word

The Torah and the Injil are the Word of God. But why do we read them? How do we read them? Watch the video to find out.

Story of the World


Why did God create the world? What is your life goal? What is God's plan for the forgiveness of sins of the whole world? Watch those videos to learn more about these topics.

Live the Story


عندما نؤمن بقصة الإنجيل فإنه يجب ان نتطبقها في حياتنا. تعاليم سيدنا المسيح تُغيرنا و تُعلمنا كيف ان نحب الله و الآخرين. أتفرج على هذه الفيديوهات لتتعلم عن تبعية سيدنا المسيح.

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