Grace is yours
Peace is yours

Grace is yours

Live the Story


Have you ever felt shame? Have you ever felt you have no worth? Many of us have, but we never talk aboun it. Watch to hear a story that starts with shame and pain, but ends with joy and hope.


Let me ask you: is it possible to be suffering and at the same time be joyful? Actually, yes, it is. And the secret to how is written in the Injil. Watch to learn what it is and how to attain it.

The Holy Spirit of God

What if you had a power that would make you able to do anything? Let me tell you a secret: you can. I can even tell you how to attain it, and see your life changed completely.

Listening Prayer

What if you could get close to God in a way you’ve never experienced before? We all talk a lot. Maybe we need to listen a little bit more.

Story of the World


عندما نؤمن بقصة الإنجيل فإنه يجب ان نتطبقها في حياتنا. تعاليم سيدنا المسيح تُغيرنا و تُعلمنا كيف ان نحب الله و الآخرين. أتفرج على هذه الفيديوهات لتتعلم عن تبعية سيدنا المسيح.

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الله يريد منا ان نشارك قصة الإنجيل مع الآخرين. نحن لا نقدر ان نصمت عن مشاركة أجمل خبر بالعالم. اتفرج على هذه الفيديوهات لتتعلم اكثر عن كيف يمكنك ان تشارك رسالة الإنجيل مع الآخرين.

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