I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved (John 10:9)

Journey to Truth

A story of four friends discovering the truth together.

Episode 1

Hamoodeh finds love at first sight. The rest of the guys ask an important question: “How do we find forgiveness?” Join us on the Journey to Truth.

Episode 2

Abdullah and Ala discuss why the prophets offered sacrifices. Meanwhile, Hamoodeh is ready to get a dowry together.

Episode 3

When Ala hears where Abdullah has been getting his thoughts, he’s stunned and angry. But Abu Musa and even Hamoodeh are interested. What Abdullah shares amazes all of them.

Episode 4

Abu Musa asks, “My God, how have I not heard this story before?” as the guys discover truths they weren’t aware of. You’ll be asking yourself the same question.

Episode 5

“Only Jesus Christ knew how costly forgiveness would be.” The guys are trying to figure out what’s going on, and getting more honest with each other in the process.

Episode 6

“Impossible. It’s impossible.” Or is it? The guys have almost arrived at their truth about the nature of life and the mercy of God, but they still have some questions.

Episode 7

The journey is completed. They’ve found the truth. They can’t believe what they’re saying- it’s too good to be true.

Episode 8

They found the truth. But now what do they do with it? Ala is like a new person. Hamoodeh has finally found love, but not like he was expecting. How have you changed during the journey?

Stories of Freedom

Hear how these two lives are changed.



Story of the World


Why did God create the world? What is your life goal? What is God's plan for the forgiveness of sins of the whole world? Watch those videos to learn more about these topics.

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Journey through the truth

What is the true meaning of sin?

Who created God?

Is the story of Adam and Eve real?

I am a good person, will I enter heaven?

Why does God give sickness to people?

Why does God allow evil?

Why do Christians celebrate Easter every year, which is one of their most important holidays?

Why did God create the devil and demons?

Why did God tell man to kill and eat animals?

Why does God not help the poor and remove suffering from the world?

Are angels real?

Is it a sin to be rich?

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